The 20 Dumbest Ways Athletes Waste Money

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Celebrity athletes are normal human beings, just like us. They’re a bit more talented in certain areas than you or me, and usually a lot more coordinated, but on the whole, they’re really not that much different from us. According to the Huffington Post anyway.

They make mistakes, sometimes costly ones. But when a well-known athlete spends money on something the rest of the world thinks is ridiculous, he has very little chance of it ever being forgotten.

We all have things we’d love to have in our home, to show off to our friends, or to just admire. Symbols that say Yes, I’m successful. I work hard every day and this is my reward. And often the things that we love seem utterly ridiculous to everyone else.

But when you’re a celebrity athlete, you’re probably going to waste a little bit more money than the cost of a chocolate bar or trashy magazine. According to the Business Insider website, some of the following athletes have wasted a considerable amount of money on things they didn’t need, or situations they should have avoided getting themselves into.

Here are the 20 dumbest ways athletes have wasted money.


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