10 Worst Cities To Live In Michigan


10. Muskegon



Population: 38,061
Unemployment rate: 18
Median income: $32,253
Crime index: 147.1

Any city that could produce someone like Iggy Pop would be expected to be a little on the rough side, and Muskegon doesn’t disappoint in that regard, although it does disappoint its residents.

Incomes in Muskegon rank the seventh lowest in Michigan, its crime rate and student-teacher ranks are both in the state’s bottom ten percent, and its unemployment and home values are in the bottom 20 percent. Even though Muskegon spends more money per student than almost any other city in the state, this is the one city in Michigan where you have to ask whether holding lakefront property is worth it.

So, that’s the list. Granted, Michigan is still the reigning best state in the country, and you can be proud to dwell in Michigan no matter where you live. Even if you live in Flint, things could be a lot worse; you COULD be living in Ohio.


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