15 of the Most Ridiculous Laws in America



According to the San Francisco Chronicle, laws are primarily designed to protect human rights and punish those who do wicked things. Not sure what they do in San Francisco besides take LSD and hug people a lot. Apparently it’s not a crime to be the baddest like Michael Jackson or Rihanna. But in the rest of this decent country there are some laws that are so ridiculous that they really make you think.

Almost every US state has some weird, outlandish law that would make you doubt the sanity of its lawmakers, says Wired.com. There are laws that ban picnickers from laying out their spread in a graveyard, for instance, and even from carrying an ice-cream cone in their pockets. Which really, who puts ice-cream cones in their pockets!! I remind, that’s absolutely logical.

Read on to discover 15 of the most ridiculous laws in America!


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