The 20 best States for an early retirement


When considering early retirement there are a number of critical issues it would be wise to take into account. The first is that just because you are retired doesn’t mean that the government is done taxing you, there are still property taxes and sales taxes that must be endured. Other issues include costs of basic essentials like housing and food as well as health insurance. Not all states are equal in this regard because some states take an active role in trying to lessen the tax burden placed on retirees as well lowering of their cost of living. Here is a list of 20 of the best states to choose for early retirement.

20. Nevada

[sc-ad-insert] The silver state has a growing number of baby boomers moving to retire in the state mainly to have fun in Las Vegas. The weather is usually warm and there are great social scenes even for the elderly which makes Nevada the place to be for retirees who want to party all year long.


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