Where are they Now? How 20 Celebrities are Spending their Retirement



Are you looking forward to your retirement? If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning it since your second year of working life. If not planning, at least thinking about all those fun things you’re going to do with your life, just as soon as you find the time. The problem is, not all of us will have enough money to be able to stop working. Not without a back-up plan anyway.

According to Market Watch, nearly half of the workers of the world are going to have to take a drop in their standard of living when they retire. Which is a pretty grim thought if you don’t consider your standard of living to be all that high now.

The US News website, reports that the average age of retirement in America is 62 years. A lot of those retirees though, have stopped working due to ill health or redundancy and not necessarily by choice.

It’s less of a problem for celebrities though, isn’t it? Most of them don’t have to worry about a drop in their standard of living and can continue with hobbies, charities and long-standing interests they haven’t had time to pursue. And with some of them, they have two retire two or three times before they get the hang of it.

Here are 20 celebrities and how they’re spending their retirement.


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