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10 Worst Cities To Live In Pennsylvania

10. Chester Population: 34,127 Chester, PA needs a big hug right now. The unemployment rate here is 9%, the median income is just above the poverty line, and the crime is the 7th highest in…


10 Worst Cities To Live In Minnesota

10. Waite Park Population: 6,702 It might seem really odd to hear that little Waite Park has the worst crime, per capita, in Minnesota. A suburb of St. Cloud, this little city’s issues are with…


10 Worst Cities To Live In Michigan

10. Muskegon Population: 38,061 Unemployment rate: 18 Median income: $32,253 Crime index: 147.1 Any city that could produce someone like Iggy Pop would be expected to be a little on the rough side, and Muskegon…


The Most Ridiculous Law In Every State

1. Prohibition of bear wrestling matches a Many years ago, bear wrestling matches were very popular in Alabama. These games were a kind of entertainment for poor people. But animals were kept in bad conditions….


The 20 Richest Celebrities in Florida

Florida has long been a favorite haunt of celebrities and retirees alike. The subtropical climate is perfect for sports like recreational golf and tennis and there are plenty of waterholes for cooling down afterwards. It’s…


10 Worst Cities To Live In Illinois

10. Decatur Population: 76,091 By far the largest city to top this list, Decatur’s main issues are crime and unemployment. When 1 in 10 people doesn’t have a job, and 1 in 27 people is…


10 Worst Cities In California To Live In

10. Hesperia Population: 89,703 Unemployment rate: 10.8% Commute time: One of the longest in the state Education spending: 25th lowest in CA Since Adelanto and Lucerne Valley are on here, it’s not surprising to see…